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Figure Skating - Athletes
Pasha Grishuk
Photo © Reuters
Pasha Grishuk

Fax from the two times Olympic Champion Pasha Grishuk, sounded nice: «I'm all right, training as a Single. Call me, when you have time». Of course, I'm calling right away.

We haven't seen each other since January. In Prague on the European Championship Grishuk was not very happy. Pasha and Sasha (how they were called by American fans) came almost there at the same time, but during the days of the Championship, Zhulin didn't come to her even once, always being with his fiance T. Navnka. Naturally, Pasha's mood there was getting worse. But now, the voice on the phone sounded very optimistic. fiance T. Navnka. Naturally, Pasha's mood there was getting worse. But now, the voice on the phone sounded very optimistic.

- It's so great that you called! Have you received my Fax?

- Yes. Frankly speaking, I was surprised with the news. Has Zhulin really refused to continue to skate with you?

- It was me, who stopped it. I was thinking about it a lot and decided: enough of torturing myself. And I started to train alone. Almost two programs are ready, I like them a lot, though I cannot yet do a triple salchow.

- Do you make your programs by yourself?

- Randy Gardner is helping me. Do you remember the pair T.Babilonia-R.Gardner

- Of course.

- I didn't expect that in LA, where I bought a house, I will find so many fans. When they found out that I temporarily stopped training, they sent me an «ocean» of letters., saying that they love me a lot, want me to continue my skating, ready to help in any way they can. And they really do. At least the ice where I'm training is free. There are some other skaters who are training at the same time on the ice with me. But if there is a cancellation not good to blame my fate and be depressed. It is enough to look at what is happening around you, how many homeless and disabled people, orphans Or, what is happening now in Kosovo. These are real problems. And I'm alive and well, two times Olympic Champion, with many friends and fans. What kind of problems can I have? Now, I look back at what had happened as at a bad dream.

- I see everything went well and you did not even need a physchiatrist?

- Actually I visited a doctor. He helped me to switch my consciousness to a positive way of thinking.

- And do you still want to be an actress?

- Five times in a week I'm training and two times I'm going to the actor's classes. It is something like a theatre. I have a partner, with whom we are doing different scenes on different themes. This is very serious business for me now. I cannot afford spending time on the theatre instead of training.

- Have you already found friends in LA?

- Ohh, yes! The majority of my new friends are my fans. I have been often invited to designer's studios, who are happy to design clothes for me. There is a designer, who I will get a small part in a movie, where he is playing. You know how it works here - the leading actor has almost the same power as the producer.

- What about your image, is it still the same?

- Oh no, thank God!

- Why?

- I think, it was one of my biggest mistakes that I agreed with the arguments of the brother of my former fiance (Kurt Pereira) that I have to look like Marilyn Monroe. Now I remember that as a bad dream. It didn't suit the image of my Olympic program at all, and in life I'm absolutely different.

- So, how do you look now?

- My hair is a little bit darker (not so white), but still blond, and I decided to grow it longer, at least down to my waist.

- I remember you wanted to write a book about your life.

- I didn't put this idea aside. It's just now that I don't have time for everything I want. You know better to say that I'm hiding like M. Jackson when he is working on a new CD. I will write the book. So everyone will find out the truth about me.



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